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Just A Normal Life, Then This...

Monday, May 7th, 2015 | Memphis, TN | 7:04AM

Jamie's POV

As I'm rushing down the stairs with all my stuff from the bathroom; going into the kitchen, I decide to pull out my phone to see if I have any messages. I notice one from my Twitter account, so here's what it said:

Alex Lee followed you.

"Oh shit!!! I'm freaking out right now!!! #AlexFromTarget followed my twitter, mom!!!" I scream so both my parents will hear me.

Then another message comes in. Here's what it said:

@AlexLeeWorld: Send me your pic. Love ya, Jamie! :) <3

I stand there and talk to myself, then my dad walks in. He is the type of person who doesn't care about me or my mother; so he just pushes me aside stomping into the kitchen.

"Ya know Jamie, ya really need to stop being a crazy fucking piece of shit. Ya got me!!!" My dad starts and then I grab my stuff and head out the door so I won't have to hear my parents argue.

"Hey!!! Don't walk out of here-" continues my dad; Michael Morelock; as I shut the door on his thought and locking it behind me then walking to my car.

I finally reply to Alex's message with my photo captioning it as:

It's my final month of High School. I can't wait! Love ya more then anythin'!!! <3

I start up my car then drive off to school. That's when I hear my phone buzzing again; I ignore this time and continue driving into the school parking lot.

Once I find a place to park, I take the keys out of the ignition and slide them in my pocket. Then I answer the message, it read:

@AlexLeeWorld: Ya look so beautiful Jamie. Thank u for the pic. :)

I slide my phone back into my pocket and head into the school to walk to my 1st period. When I get there, I notice that everyone is looking at me; I'm standing there wondering 'what's up with everybody'.

A girl comes over to me and asks me to pull out my phone so I could show her the message I sent to Alex. Then she asks me if I'm really texting the real #AlexFromTarget that someone got a selfie of and got it going viral. I reply with a simple 'yes' and then smile, then walk to my seat.

Alex's POV

As I sit in my office waiting to start my shift at Target, I can't stop thinking about Jamie Morelock's picture she texted me. I pull it up again and then start to save it onto my phone so I could tweet to the world.

Here's what I said:

Alex Lee @AlexLeeWorld: . @jmorelock_37 is a lovely person I've ever met on the interwebs. I wish we could meet sometime over the summer. Love ya baby! :) <3

The time is finally 8:30AM, I walk into the main store and go into check-out aisle 7. As I'm starting to wait for customers to purchase, I get a little off-track and daze about my future wife: Jamie; I already know she is definitely the one.

I think to myself: "how can I love someone as much as I love 18-year old Jamie Morelock?"

Jamie's POV

As I'm just finishing my school hours of my final day before graduation. My teacher; Mrs. Lawrence; explains to all seniors that we were allowed to exit the class first. I decide to DM Alex and say that I'm graduating, here's what I said:

Mrs Lawrence just pointed to all seniors that we were gonna leave school before the younger class men does. That means Imma graduatin' tomorrow, Alex!!! I can't wait to drive down to Texas and see you!!! Love ya. <3 :@jmorelock_37

Then I notice his tweet mentioning me:

Alex Lee @AlexLeeWorld:

. @jmorelock_37 is a lovely person I've ever met on the interwebs. I wish we could meet sometime over the summer. Love ya baby! :) <3

I suddenly put my retweet on it then reply to it saying:

Paper or plastic | Jamie Morelock @jmorelock_37:

Bet on it Alex!!! Love ya too. <3

I slide my phone back into my pocket and then see other seniors walking out the classroom doors, so I decide to follow them out (I'm a senior as well). My teacher; Mrs. Lawrence; shakes our hands as soon as we pass her, and I also give her a hug for a great year.

As I'm walking out of the school doors at 3:05PM, I get to my car and wonder what will I'm gonna be doing with the rest of my life after I graduate; and wondering if my future will see me graduate, but I have this thought:

"How can he? He has to work, he can't make time to come visit me. Anyway, I'll be up in Texas the next day to meet him."

I start up my car and drive myself home hoping to not walk in on arguing about who-knows-what. As I get home, I notice my mom; Kayla Morelock; is standing at the doorway waiting to congratulate me.

We both hug and then I got find my father to give him a hug as well, but I can't find him anywhere. I look all around the house, but still no trace of him. I think to myself:

"Maybe he went out and got a huge pint. And then got killed in an accident on the way home. How am I supposed to get through my speech tomorrow?"

I walk up to my room and shut the door, then start crying on my bed. As I awake, I think of all the good times me and my dad had together when he was sober from abuse and alcohol; as I'm scrolling through my photos of those moments.


"I can't believe I woke up without eating anything last night. Well today's the day, today's the day life changes completely." I tell myself as I start getting dressed for graduation then grab my cap and gown.

I walk out to my car once again, and then drive to my graduation ceremony. I finally get there and notice there's a huge line of students from class of 2015 waiting to enter the stands.

I pull into a parking space and get out then check my phone for messages; there's one from Alex, but I don't answer it this time. Instead, I wait til the end of the ceremony.

Once everyone is up and sitting in their seats ready to graduate, I start getting a little nervous that I might forget what I was gonna say during my speech. The principle finally calls me down after the music to receive my diploma.

I walk down those white steps and take it from his hands, then he tells me to stand in front of the mic and give my senior speech. The speech lasts for a few minutes since I've been thanking my family and paying tribute to my --- possibly --- dead father and then getting to the part where I reminisce on my years of school.

As I finish my speech, I step to the left side of the podium and take my final graduate bow and everyone gets up out of their seats giving me a standing O. I walk off the stage and head out to my car, then drive home and pack my bags to move into Texas where Alex is probably waiting for our official meet up.

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The boy at register 7

Tuesday, May 8th, 2015 | Texas, USA | 7:34 AM

Jamie's POV

As I head off the non-stop flight to Frisco, TX; I slide the window shield up and look out over my hometown of Memphis one last time. When the plane gets up high in the clouds where I can no longer see a thing, I sit back and relax until we land in Texas.

Few minutes later, I decide to pull out my phone and see if Alex is busy with work. Once I pull up our message history; I start scrolling through it until I see our very first talk when he followed my twitter. My recent text ended like this:

@jmorelock_37: Hey Alex, are you busy??? If you are, sorry Imma bothering ya. :)

I slide my phone back into my pocket, and enjoy the rest of the flight sound asleep. Then a few seconds of sleeping, I hear this: jerking movement trying to wake me up. I think to myself that maybe we're coming to a landing, and look outside; I notice that I can finally see the city of Frisco.

I take a sip of my water that I brung with me onto the plane, and then slide it back in my bag. I then notice that we are now speeding down the runway of the airport; that's when I run up to flight 52 entrance and prepare for exiting. 

I start running through the terminal hallway, and then grabbing my luggage after going through the security checkpoint. As soon as I'm done and running out of the airport; I find my car and then get in after unlocking the door with my keys. I soon put my keys in the ignition, then drive off to find someplace to live.

Alex's POV

"You had me at $23.56 plus tax." I announce to the person after ringing up her items.

I look up out of the windows and start dazing about what Jamie told on Twitter earlier. I lose track of how much I told the customer to give me to slide in the cash register. Her husband gazes at me wondering what is going on; I explain with a not-honest answer; faking it.

"I'm fine, thank you. Here's your receipt. I'm just nervous about finals next week." I remind the couple feeling jealous that I don't have anyone yet, as they leave the store.

"Oh and by the way, do you guys want to sign up for a Target membership card?" I continue just as the two of them arrive at the entrance way.

They shake their heads 'no', and then head out the door walking back to their vehicles. I pull out my phone, and see a message from Jamie; it read:

Hey Alex, are you busy??? If you are, sorry Imma bothering ya. :) :@jmorelock_37

I suddenly reply to it after examining the message for a second:

@AlexLeeWorld: Yes I am Jamie. :) It's fine love, we can still talk. I can actualy multitask. Did you get to Texas alright?

I then go back to ringing up my customers' store items. That next person in line asks me who I was texting, and I totally ignore them since they're might be a teenager behind them who might overhear then feel jealous that maybe me and Jamie are dating.

"Paper or plastic, sir?" I ask in a whisper voice then glancing at the people taking pictures of me.

"Plastic...um, Alex." The customer replies while glancing at my name tag.

I slide every single one of their items into the white Target bag, then hand it off as it dangles above the cash register. As soon as they begin to take it, I then say:

"Your total will be $23.47 plus tax."

They start counting how much money they have to pay me with, I then intercept their payment and slide in the cash slot (dollar bills in the top and coins in the bottom).

"Would you love to sign up for a membership ship card, sir?" I ask leaning partially over the register.

"No thank you, Alex. I'm good." The customer says then walking off with their items showing a fake smile at me.

I finish off ringing up the remaining number of items for my customers waiting. Once the last person; who is a female; gets her items ringed up and intercepts her receipt, I shake her hand. Then this happens, I accept her offer: stopping for a selfie.

As soon as she leaves; I pull out my phone to see if Jamie Morelock texted me. Believe it or not, she did. Here's what she said:

Hi Alex! I hope you're not too busy. I just wanted to tell you that I got settled into my apartment, and I love it! How've you been? :) :@jmorelock_37

I reply to it after the next person comes to register 7:

@AlexLeeWorld: I'm good thanks love. And I just got done ringing up my final customer's items. Get this Jamie; the lady before this one asked to take a picture with me. :)

Jamie's POV

"I better go find this Target that Alex works at; so I can meet him in person. I finally knew what I'm doing here in Texas." I say to myself looking at my phone message thread.

Here's my message before our meet and greet:

@jmorelock_37: Nice Alex... look Imma gonna travel down to your store so I can see you in person. Syl!!!! All the love from Jamie Morelock...

I slide my phone back into my pocket and grab my drawstring bag, then head out the door speeding down to my car. Once I get out to my car, I put the key in the ignition and drive to the Frisco Target to meet the love of my life. I get there around 10am, the one parking space I find is next to where all the shopping carts go, I then pull the key out of the ignition and walk inside the store with my drawstring bag.

I go into the aisle with the chips first, then I go look for a some new music from the electronics section second, and lastly, I go and browse through the feminine aisles for tampons just in case I will start my menstrual business. Once I'm finished shopping, I start my walk to the cashiers and notice the only lane that is open: register 7.

Second person POV

"Hi love-" Alex greets Jamie, not knowing that she is the one who he has been texting on Twitter.

"Hi- Alex." Jamie greets back with a smile, putting her items up on the register mover.

"How are you?" replies Alex returning her smile.

"I'm good, thank you!" Jamie said, keeping her smile (and blushing) getting ready to pull out her money.

"Your total will be $23.56... Jamie." says Alex leaning over the counter trying to whisper in her ear.

"Alright. Hold on Alex." Jamie replies pulling out the amount, then handing it to Alex.

"You know my name!" continues Jamie in shock as Alex intercepts the payment.

"Thank you, here are you bags. Would you like to sign up for a target membership card Jamie?" Alex replies smiling handing Jamie her feminine products, new music, and potato chips in a nicely decorated white Target bag.

"Yes, please Alex..." Jamie replies returning his smile.

"Alright love." says Alex, then making her go through different steps to get a card.

"Okay, there you go Jamie. And I didn't ask, what's your number?" continues Alex handing Jamie the membership card, then walking out of the register and in front of Jamie.

Jamie reveals her number by showing Alex off her phone, and then keeps walking while showing a flirty smile like 'he is definitely the one' look. Once she gets out the sliding doors, Alex then says to himself staring at her way of exit:

"I know she's my future. I know I must marry Jamie Morelock some day. *looks down at mobile number* Maybe I'll call her right now, it's almost my lunch break. *walks back to register to ring up other customers' items*"

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