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Paid in Full

By Tracy Holden

This story contains explicit depictions of sexual acts between Women and Transsexual Women (MTF). This story is intended for mature audiences.






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The Bet - Paid in Full


Paid in Full

By Tracy Holden

    Todd had heard of guys getting turned into women by their wives or girlfriends and usually they all wanted it to happen. He never thought it would happen to him. Todd cannot say that he is unhappy now that it is all done though he can say how Tammy had come to enter his life.

    His wife Margo and Todd were very good friends with Jeremy and Emily. Margo is in Psychology with a background in Endocrinology, and her friend Emily is a Reconstructive Surgeon.

    Both of them have very good practices and had often worked together with transsexual patients. Both Jeremy and Todd had heard them talk about some of their patients. Jeremy is a lawyer, and Todd operate his own computer consulting and programming business from his home. Needless to say money is not a problem for either couple and both are very well off.

    One night they were all together at Jeremy and Emily's house and everyone was drinking quite a bit. At least Jeremy and Todd were quite drunk. About half way through the night the girls started talking about a couple of their patients that they were turning into women. From the way they were talking though these patients were not actually transsexuals but were guys being transformed into women by their wives tired of their macho swagger and male aggression.

    They started talking about how it seemed like a good idea and both started looking at their husband a little funny. After a bit more to drink and a bit more discussion about the men saying that it could never be done to them and the men ended up making a bet with the women. The bet was that they could not only feminize them but we would ultimately welcome our new gender identity and end up preferring it. The ladies were going to start feminizing the men and the men had to go along with it and the first group to back out of the process had to do the bidding of the other for a year.

    There were several catches to go along with this. The first one was that it was the men as a team against the women. Todd could not back out unless Todd could also get Jeremy to back out and the same was true for the team of Margo and Emily. Second, the period of our feminization was to be for a full year. The women could do anything they wanted to them, physically or mentally for that year as long as what they did was meant to make them more feminine or womanly. Third, the only thing they could not do was cut off their penises and balls. Jeremy, the every present lawyer, decided that this was the kind of thing which should be drawn up into a contract. He quickly pulled one together on the computer and printed it out in no time. Jeremy and Todd made arrangements to put their respective businesses on hold and they signed the contract and we all decided that the process would commence immediately at midnight.


    Upon the stroke of midnight, both women took them into separate bathrooms and stripped them of our clothes. Then things became a bit blurry to the two men. As it turned out that once the contract had been signed the women had put something in their last drinks that would make them pass out.

    When Todd woke up he had a tremendous headache and a dull ache all over his body. His chest felt like it had been beaten on for hours and his skin was extremely sensitive. Todd could remember nothing since going into the bathroom and losing his clothes. Just about then his wife approached him and said "So how is my little girl today?"

    Todd did not quite understand at first what was happening. Then he sat up and some of it started coming back. As Todd sat up his chest felt funny and he looked down and saw that he had boobs. They did not look as good as his wife's but there were definitely two boobs there. As his eye widened he realized that Emily had given him breast implants. Todd’s new boobs looked to be about a B-cup and then noticed that his skin was hairless. He started exploring all over his body and face but he found no hair. It turned out that the wives had a couple of friends who were in the laser hair removal field and they had come in and cleared his entire bodies of hair from the nose down. Todd later found out that they had also permanently plucked his eyebrows to a feminine thinness.

    Todd climbed out of the bed dumbfounded and started exploring what else they had done. His toenails were bright red and he had long red fingernails. He found out his ears were pierced twice each. More work performed by friends of the wives. Emily then sat me down and showed me the contract that we had all signed.

    Emily said, “We are totally serious in keeping the bet. I have already started both of you on female hormones to commence the change to women.” Todd just stared at the contract as Emily continued, “The hormones will start filling your real tits and they would soften around the implants giving you a much more realistic looking breasts than if I had them enlarged after you had fully developed.”

    Todd just mumbled I cannot believe..”

    “Oh, your new name is Tina,” Emily said. Todd knew she was serious since she had always wanted a boy named Tina.

    Todd’s mouth was wide open thinking about the contract and his new breasts.

    Emily then pointed, “There is also a clause in the contract that nobody was allowed to back out of the contract until after 4 months had passed.” Todd was dumbfounded until Emily told him, “You have not been fighting back so far since you were given a post-hypnotic suggestions which would make you not only accept what was going to happen, but that after you saw yourself fully dressed up you would actually want to become more feminine.

    Todd thought to himself, He would start to revel in his newfound femininity and would want to flaunt the fact that he was a female to everyone? How could that be?

    Todd could not believe what Emily was telling him. He would have no real desire to be a total and true female. Todd would not want to always look and act flawlessly female, would he? What would his friends and coworkers think? They would know that he was really a male who enjoyed being ultra-feminine? What had he done? Then Todd began to think that this was really going to be a turn-on.

    Emily sat Todd down and did his makeup and then started dressing him. She gave me a pair of pink French cut panties and showed me how to tuck his penis back between his legs to hide his penis. Then she gave him a matching bra which held up his breasts and pushed them into the center. The bra was a demi-cup bra and it gave Tina wonderful cleavage. Tina also found out his estimate was correct that he had a B-cup. Then came a garter belt and gray stockings with seams up the back. Then Emily gave Tina a full slip, and a low-cut pastel blue sundress which showed off his boobs, and a pair of high-heeled sandals. After doing his hair she took him to a beauty salon where they put hair extensions into his hair to extend it down to the middle of his back, and made it all curly and wavy and bright copper red. They redid Tina’s make-up giving him sultry eyes and full ruby red lips.

    Then came the meeting with Jeremy, now called Jenny. Jenny looked great and she said the same thing about Tina. She also had nice boobs and she had nice hips also. Tina asked about the hips, and Emily told me that she had decided at the last moment to give Jenny hip implants as well. That is when Margo decided Tina should have them too. Tina was in total agreement so they set up for surgery the following morning.

    The rest of that day we spent with Margo and Emily teaching Jenny and Tina to stand, walk, sit and talk like a woman. The two women constantly criticizing how the new girls did everything and praising them when they did it in a properly feminine manner. Tina was actually trying his best because she truly loved it. Tina found himself talking about how much she was enjoying it.

    Margo said, "You will have plenty of time to get used to it, dear."

    The next day, Margo took Tina over for his hip implants. Tina was excited at the prospect of having a better looking body. Just as she was going under, Margo told Tina, “You will be very pleased with your new self the next time you see yourself.”

    When Tina woke up his face was wrapped and he could not talk. Tina could not even move and she lay in the bed. Margo came in and told Tina, “Hi Honey! I decided to not only have Emily put in hip implants for your curves, but that she had vocal cord surgery done so that you would now have an ultimately feminine voice.” Margo grabbed Tina hand and then added, “She also brought out your eyes, raised your cheek bones and made your lips fuller with collagen implants.”

    Emily had also taken it upon herself to do some minor hair transplants to fill in around Tina’s hairline. Margo also informed Tina that her Achilles tendon was shortened so that she would never again be comfortable wearing anything except high heeled shoes.

    Margo said, “Emily had also decided that you and Jenny were still entirely too masculine in your musculature and skin texture. She was being immobilized by borderline doses of curare in combination with an intermittent nerve block. Then I have given you both more hypnotic suggestions while we healed.”

    As it turned out Jenny had had her voice and face and tendons operated on as well. During this recovery time both have to be fed by tube and an IV fluids. The women had their contacts come in daily to massaged their skin with creams to soften and lighten it as their inactive muscles dwindled to more feminine proportions and their waists shrank. During this time the hormone doses, hypnosis and feminine deportment lessons continued. Make-up was applied daily and did the girls hair and nails. Additional lecturing on these techniques was conducted to a totally receptive audience from these new ladies.

    Finally, Tina was told by Margo, “Since you could not perform as a man sexually anymore because of the hormones, you are to be trained to giving sexual pleasure to others, both men and women, as a woman.”

    Because of the liquid diet Tina’s asshole was not being used and was slowly being enlarged by the repeated insertion of ever larger plugs. At least once a day Emily or Margo would use a vibrator to insert and massage Tina’s prostate until she would orgasm. The simulation along with the hypnotic suggestions eventually made Tina get very excited when anyone even touched his asshole. Tina saw videotapes of the best fellatio and cunnilingus techniques available so she could know what to do and how to behave. As a man, she had already known what blow-job techniques gave the most pleasure. Now, she would only have to apply those techniques to other men. Tina had always been very oral and liked to eat pussy and been good at it so that really was not a problem.

    Both lived in something of a twilight world for almost six weeks and after a few days the bandages came off. A couple of weeks later, the swelling had subsided. When everything was healed, they were slowly returned to mobility. Tina could see what she was really going to look like in the end. She was gorgeously feminine and her skin was pale, smooth and supple. Her arms and legs were thin and somewhat weak. Her waist was tiny but her breasts and hips thrust out declaring her femininity. Tina’s lips looked like she could suck a man's cock so hard he would turn inside out. Then she got to try out her new voice and it was on the low side of the female spectrum, but very soft, sensuous and sultry and definitely a sexy woman's voice. Her nails had grown out and were perfectly manicured while her hair was long and soft. Tina was in love with every aspect of her new feminine self.


    One afternoon Margo told Tina she had another special treat. She took her back to the salon and one of the attendants started working all over her face with some sort of needle gun. She started under her eyes, then over her eyes, then to her cheeks and finally the lips. When she was done, she turned me around to look at the mirror. Tina had almost full makeup on though she did not quite understand. Tina did not feel like she had make-up on. Tina looked like she was wearing red lipstick, pink blush, dark eyeliner and golden brown eye shadow on her eye lids.

    Margo said, “It is now permanent.”

    She had had most of HIS makeup tattooed on. Then even if Todd decided to go back to being a man it would be almost impossible to take off the makeup. Tina could only think of what a thrill to cut down on the time she had to spend putting on makeup or lipstick after kissing, sucking or licking.

    The next time Tina saw Jenny, the same things had happened to her. The two talked and Tina found she also was experiencing the same weird feelings. Tina loved the feel of long earrings pulling on her ear lobes and brushing against her neck. She loved the long nails she had and how her hair felt gliding down her back. Tina’s nipples were starting to really bloat on the ends of her boobs and were tender and sensitive along with her asshole. Tina’s boobs were looking softer, fuller and rounder while beginning to actually sag looking more realistic. Tina also stated that she had grown a full cup size and was wearing a C-cup bra already. Her hips had also put on another couple of inches though she was being careful about her waist and that she loved the whole package she had become. Jenny agreed wholeheartedly and was experiencing some of the same things.

    Once Tina started spontaneously gushing about how she loved mimicking a female and feeling soft, sleek and pretty then, Margo started letting me dress myself entirely. Tina did everything, including her hair and makeup. The months of training and changes were paying off. Margo never let Tina wear pants, or bulky female clothes, but she never really had any desire to wear masculine clothes. All the clothes and lingerie in the wardrobe she had acquired were designed to show off her new sexy ultra-feminine body. Even her shoes were all at least three inch heels. That included her slippers and sandals. Tina was not just physically uncomfortable wearing flats, she also did not think they made her legs and feet look sexy and delicate.

    After ten months, Tina decided to have fun with her desire for others to know that she was a male, so Tina dressed up in just green bikini panties with an emerald green low-cut skin tight mini-dress which barely covered her gorgeous ass and a pair of five inch high-heel pumps. Tina strolled into a local tattoo shop and the guy in the shop just about dropped his needle. She could tell he was thrilled to have a woman like me in his shop. Tina told him she wanted two tattoos and where she wanted them. Then Tina slid out of her dress so that she was wearing nothing but her panties and heels.

Tina bent over and slid down her panties and on her butt so everyone could see that she wore a French cut bikini. Tina had the words "I'm a man" tattooed along the top of her ass. Then on the inside of her thigh right under her crotch, Tina had the word "Surprise!" tattooed. Tina loved it and so did Jenny.

    When Tina got home, she told Margo that to celebrate her new self, she would love for her to invite her friends over on the anniversary of her transformation, so she could show off her feminine self. Margo loved the idea and immediately invited over a bunch of their friends for a "coming out" party for Tina. After everyone had gathered at the party and had a couple of drinks, Margo announced the surprise of the party and introduced her "husband, the female copycat".

    That is when Tina came out in a long slinky red dress which clung to every curve with a slit up the side to her thigh. Tina started doing a strip tease and slinking around all the men and women in the audience. Tina was out of her dress and was strutting around in her lingerie and six inch red sequined heels. Not a single person could believe her body and Tina loved it.

    Tina quickly removed her bra and started shaking her now D-cup tits everywhere she could. When Tina was done, she was standing there wearing only her red garter belt, black stockings and high heels. Everyone applauded and loved the transformation of Tina.

    When the Applause stopped, Margo announced that Tina would be servicing any and all comers to the party. A couple of Todd’s old friends actually took up the offer and took Tina upstairs to fuck her brains out. Tina took both men at the same time, one up her ass, the other down her throat. The two men were quite large actually but fit into the feminine Tina with ease. Tina ass had excellent control and worked the cock in her ass like she was jerking him off while her mouth caressed the other large cock in her mouth.

    The first to explode was the friend in her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and thrust his cock down her throat as he began to cum and gushed down her throat. The taste was better than she could have imagined. Her lips clamped down and she suck very hard pulling every drop from his balls and the cock in her ass began to explode. It felt as if her friend was peeing in her ass there was so much cum. Tina clinched her anus and rectum to seal the cum inside her. Tina wanted to keep every drop of cum she earned inside her to help make her feel more feminine. When all was done, Tina had a sizeable amounts of cum up her ass and had swallowed what she thought was a gallon of cum and still wanted more. To Tina she was in heaven.

    That night Margo asked Tina if she wanted to waive any and all abilities to back out. She quickly agreed and she set me up with a job as a female impersonator and stripper at a local bar.

    Starting the next day she spent almost every night shaking her boobs and balls in front of every man she could. Even one or two of them that her feminine talents are not all in her looks. Tina can perform in other ways that will really light up any man’s life.

    Jenny, by the way, is working as a lingerie model for a local fashion designer. She services Emily whenever she wants and she does not have to put up with any more male domineering. Margo and Emily are both very much in love with each other and their new lives and the women they have created.

    Everyone could not be happier with the results of the bet.



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Greetings I love the premise of the story it's really interesting to read thanks.



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Tracy Holden

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