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Do you think Harry Potter is worth it ?

Is Harry Potter worth reading ? What are your thoughts?

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HP is a cracking read. The story is multi layered and the wizarding world JK Rowling created is consistent and believable. Plus, HP is an icon of our times - many pop culture references have been derived from its sayings and characters. I think it is also interesting as a cultural phenomenon. I envy any new time HP explorer the thrill of encountering this world for the first time!

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Absolutely! If you are moved to do a fanfiction I think that there is plenty to further explore using the characters and settings of HP. I look forward to reading your work :)

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I'm an older person and kind of missed Harry Potter's entry onto the world literary stage. I was studying and doing other things.

As a former children's librarian, I knew that eventually I'd revisit him and I did but just couldn't get interested. The films made it all a little harder too.

Yet I loved Le Guin's 'Earthsea Quartet', Pullman's 'His Dark Materials', Tolkien's 'Hobbit' etc, and I deeply respect JK Rowling.

I guess it's just preference. Some of the celebrity hype around Harry Potter put me off too.

I love JK Rowland's adult mysteries. Of course they are completely different.

Perhaps someone can persuade me to try again with Harry!

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The Harry Potter Books are 100 times better than the movies if only because of the extraordinary details; and engaging ones imagination because of it.

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Brilliant original and intelligent plot and very well written. CS Lewis was the author that ignited my love of fantasy when I was a child and JK Rowling did the same for my daughter. Reading the Harry Potter series to her was a brilliant experience!

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The idea is good, it really captures the imagination. But the writing is lacking. So if you can put up with average narrative, mostly boring characters and bland dialogue, I'd say give it a try and decide if its worth it yourself.

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