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Borrowing vs Buying

Do you prefer to borrow books from libraries when you want to read them, or buy the book and add it to your collection?

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Personally I love buying a book and keeping it in my collection. It reminds me of what I've been reading, and it's a great reminder to pick it up one day and read it again 🤓

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I only keep essentials. I don't have much space. I like rereading like Carla and I reread a lot of graphic novels and poetry. There are very few novels I have the time and energy to reread; the chosen ones.

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Yeah, I've collected so many books over the years that I'm running out of room. It's hard to let them go but I've started the process of culling... I've put little orange stickers on the ones earmarked for other homes (i.e. Good Sammies). So, definitely for me, 2017 I need to read more, accumulate less... (e-books excepted, yay!).

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Sometimes if I get a book from the library and I really really loved it I buy it to support the author. I also really love collecting and owning physical books. It's nice to be able to lend them to friends as well ❤️

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I always buy books. I'm happy to scrimp on music and film by streaming it, but somehow never with books - I love having the physical object, and authors mostly earn f**k all!

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I can't have all the books I want (it's a small apartment) so I tend to borrow a lot (it helps that I work at a library) and buy some. I also weed out books every year and donate them to the library or give them to someone who will enjoy them. I also often buy more than one copy of books I really like so I can give them as presents.

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When I had a proper job and a proper income I loved buying books. Now I have neither, I'm eternally grateful for libraries because without them I wouldn't be reading new books at all. And authors DO get some income from library copies, so I don't feel bad about it.

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