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What books/stories do you enjoy?

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Title: New Writings in Science Fiction
Author: Various, Edited by John Carnell and Kenneth Bulmer
I've recently discovered these Science Fiction anthologies from the 70's. There are about 10 books in the series each with five or six short stories; I've gotten a hold of seven so far and have been completely obsessed with each one.
For each book I’ve found a few short stories that I’ve loved and at least one that I’ve hated or thought was utter garbage. It’s always a mixed bag of themes ranging from the stereotypical apocalyptic dysphoria to well-written romance to complex politics to the bazaar abstract where some weird dude can communicate via ESP with lobotomised cats. I would recommend this for readers who are new to Sci Fi or who’re looking for something different. They’re a little tricky to get a hold of but well worth the digging.

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