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Thursday night book club

Pull up a beanbag every Thursday evening this summer and autumn, get comfy in Melbourne's 'home of books', and listen to some of the best writers in the city talk about their work. And those writers will be right here on Tablo afterwards.

Each Thursday night book club will focus on one of 10 recently released books, all sharing one theme – they're all set in Melbourne. Each meeting will include a Q&A chaired by Readings bookshop, followed by a lively discussion with your fellow book club members. The discussion will continue right here in Tablo—each author will be joining our community to answer your questions.

Thursday night book club will run from 2 February to 6 April. Each meeting will be from 6 to 8pm at the State Library of Victoria’s Palmer Hall.

Here's a list of the books we'll be discussing and when the authors will be online for a Tablo discussion:

Black Rock White City by Alec Patric
Tablo Q&A: Friday 3 Feb, 10am – 11am

A wrong turn at the office of unmade lists by Jane Rawson
Tablo Q&A: Thursday 9 February, 8pm – 9pm

Fever of animals by Miles Allinson
Tablo Q&A: Thursday 16 February, 8pm – 9pm

Words in deep blue by Cath Crowley
Tablo Q&A: Thursday 23 February, 8pm – 9pm

The family by Chris Johnston & Rosie Jones
Tablo Q&A: Thursday 2 March, 8pm – 9pm

Our tiny, useless hearts by Toni Jordan
Tablo Q&A: Thursday 9 March, 8pm – 9pm

Black Teeth by Zane Lovitt
Tablo Q&A: Thursday 16 March, 8pm – 9pm

Cario by Chris Womersly
Tablo by Thursday 23 March, 8pm – 9pm

The rules of backyard cricket by Jock Serong
Tablo Q&A: Thursday 30 March, 8pm – 9pm

The healing party by Micheline Lee
Tablo Q&A: Thursday 6 April, 8pm – 9pm

We'll post a discussion thread for each book before its book club meeting. That way you can post your questions for the author in advance and discuss the book with each other.

Want to buy one of the books and start reading? You can receive 10% off the price of any of the 10 books when purchasing them from Readings at State Library Victoria. To receive the discount online, enter the promo code BOOKCLUB in the promo code box during online checkout. To receive the discount at our State Library bookshop, simply mention the Thursday night book club at the counter.

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