The Future of Libraries Online.

The self-publishing revolution is changing the way writers & readers connect. With Tablo, libraries can enable their members to publish stories and connect with each other. We've been working with the State Library Victoria to develop a breakthrough online platform that's set to become the foundation for how all libraries connect with their members in the future.

A Library on Tablo is a virtual home where your can engage with your online audience. You can host online discussions, learn about your membership, and allow local authors to publish their own books. Creating a Library on Tablo is the perfect way to transition into self-publishing, and provide your members with even more opportunities for their work.

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At Tablo, we've been fortunate enough to be a strong player in the digital publishing revolution. We've created a home where authors in over 150 countries have published their work, and where millions of books have been read. Our focus has always been on making it possible for every author to share their story.

Behind every great author is the support and network of a great local library, and we're working to help public and regional libraries throughout Australia embrace this change in the industry. We'd love to work with you, and show you just what your library can become with Tablo.

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