Winter Deception

Two brutal murders, leave two small boys orphaned. A coincidence? maybe if you believe in coincidences. These two boys have something in common and the summer they finally meet, those around them realize it could cost them there lives. A mistake was made long ago, and some one wants it corrected.

Last Breath

May 30th, Thursday 11:59pm "Soul mates? Oh yeah I think they exist...but you may not meet them in a cute or fantasy way like you read about or see in a movie, but I do believe there is a certain person that you will meet in your life, who you'll connect with more than anyone else you've ever met before and whenever you meet them, it...

To Ethan

This book contains a collection of messages sent back and forth by suicidal Ethan and lonely Aubrey who meet on Twitter one day, only to realize that they've already met in the mental clinic two years ago. A dangerous situation, failures, misunderstandings, hardships, awkward moments, accidents, silent conversations, disappointment,...

Nerdy Natalie

Incomplete a WIP - any advice help appreciated. A Young Adult Fiction. Humourous read about a girl struggling to find her place. Cover from the kind and talented @playboystiles. on wattpad.


A double cross is what brought them together. Alice is content with her life of solitude, but when a deal she made goes wrong, she finds herself no longer alone. She is forced to team up with Rixton and his group of wanderers. The more time she spends with them, the more she finds herself rethinking her life of solitude. James...

Door 14

Laure returns to a boarding school after a murder, where it seems as if nothing has changed. But finding out about the day; strange visions, weird dreams. Does Laure know more about that day than she thinks? Contains strong language

Holding Onto You

"What if the one that got away came back?" -- To Miles McMillan, the one person he never wanted to let go was Sierra Novaek. Even though he was at the mere age of fourteen, she didn't just break his heart, she shattered it and stomped all over it without even knowing it when she left him without even saying goodbye. Now four...

Souls Apart

Two girls find each other after 16 years of lies. How did something so horrible happen to a baby who was only hours old? Sable and Mercy find out the mysteries behind them with the help of their lifelong friends; Goel, Gabe, and Albi plus a few more along the way. (Based in Australia)

Don't Leave

Im Elena falls, I just wanted to start over but It seems that the past keeps following me Im going to help you understand what really happen years ago.Make sure you don't believe the magazines or newspapers they tell lies...If you don't believe me find out by starting with chapter 1...hope you trust me.


This is a moving tale about getting back on your feet, being your own person, and moving on. Kassandra lives in a basement, trapped there by a shadow of her father. He collects her blood and sells it for loads of money. What will happen when she escapes?


Gerascophobia. The fear of aging or growing older. May didn’t ask to be afraid of growing up, but yet, she finds that she constantly worries about how her future will turn out, and about leaving people she loves. Then again, is anyone really there for her? May battles with her fears, but in this heartwarming story of memories and...