This story is about a girl her life is full if troubles she meets a guy in her office who is cold and from whom Amanda the girl fears the most , let's see what will happen if he starts working with her


(Ongoing) "I love you, don't you mind?" Matty has a brain laced with white powder, but a heart full of sorrow and rebuilt love. Charlie has a mind set focusing on herself, but a heart set on another path. Will a nine year age difference set the course anew? Maybe Matty has a difficult time keeping his hands and thoughts to...

My Enemy Park Jimin

So your 16 - in high school - live with your mum & brother Everything's pretty normal until one person deliberately tries to make your life a living hell. But your not the type to hold back. So I guess its now time to try to teach this "prankster" Park Jimin a lesson. But maybe there's more to him than you thought. What happens when...

Best Man Sougo

Matsudaira Katakuriko enlists Okita Sougo, the infamous rouge's help to capture a dangerous Jouishishi that could threaten the Shogun's life. What Sougo didn't realize is that the one he should really be careful of is a certain persistent vermillion-haired girl who just escaped the mental hospital.


Six months after Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord, Voldemort, the wizarding world was trying to recover and start anew. Then, someone decided to turn back time and change history where Harry Potter was reduced to nothing more than a myth. Strangely, only Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, mortal enemies at best, were unaffected by...