My Story. My Experience.

AN ASIANS PERSPECTIVE. THIS WILL BE SET IN LONDON AND SET AT THE END OF YEAR 9 AND WILL CONTINUE ONGOING :) Can life be harsh? Can life be superior? Most of the things I've written are true but like I'm not sure if some will be said but most will be. This how I deal with my struggles and good times. Please don't judge my decisions...

Life Of A Yr11

Year11. My last year before going to College. This was the most stressful, cheerful and amazing experience I've ever had due to a load of things. New tutorgroups, GCSEs and loads of others. Read more to see the life of a year 11.


I'm Lily, at the moment I'm stuck, should I tell Mia I have a crush on her boyfriend? Or should I keep her happy?


Upstairs in my bed heart pumping so hard I can hear it , fact of the matter is diary I'm beyond devastated I think David my husband is cheating , can't tell you the pain I feel when you really honestly truly love someone is unlike any pain I've felt in my life .The pit of my stomach is churning and I'm sweating anxious and I'm laying...

Clementine Montagu

Come, sit here a while, and allow me to introduce you to my great-great-grandmother, Clementine. She was born into a Quaker family in 1830, then led a somewhat unconventional life for a woman of that era. Her marriage to an actor didn’t last, and Clementine found herself needing to provide for herself and her young son. By the early...