Ruby's life is boring. The usual teenager life like any other kid. But when her mum has to do rush out of the flat to run some errands, Ruby looks after her three younger siblings. At first she wished she didn't have to, but it seems, it isn't that bad after all.


A story of self by somebody who doesn't really know herself, for those who may or may not be in the same boat. About when fantasy and reality mix, life in the "real world" when that happens, and learning to live with it all.

Boy To Man To Soldier

An autobiography, true in its self, how I was in a childhood lock of drugs and pain, loneliness and anguish to joining the army as a young man, allowing all of myself to be written in a form that is my spoken word. A journey that destroyed the people I love and regained and rebuilt the love and respect needed to carry on and write this...


In writing Emily, I set out to examine the changing relationship between myself and my childhood best friend. This is a story about coming of age, both separately and in connection with one another.

Broken Anger

This book is about domestic violence as an abuser I recognized That there's a better choice to make when it comes to domestic disputes being a man comes with great responsibility if you've ever hit a woman or thought about hitting a woman read my book