Three friends made it through the end of the world. In their new dystopian reality, they don't only want to survive. They want to thrive. Unfortunately in a world so harsh it's easier said than done.

The Bible Imagined

Have you ever imagined the pieces that were left out of the Bible? This is how I imagine it went. This is just an imagination and is not meant to offend but rather encourage you to imagine it as well.

The Test

You wake up alone and naked in a strange place. Scared and alone you have try try and find a way out. A way to survive! But you could never have imagined the result of this major test.

Old Alchemy

Dormwell and Veritee, rangy twins on their quest in the world. Left their family, left their town. They saw the wise-woman, Lisbet. She was the last seer. She read the stars and saw a treasure far away in the land. She gave the twins their clues and she set them seeking. This is the story of their walk into the world.


A civil war has broken out in Australia, but mainly on the streets of Sydney. From the point if view of one rebel, the story shows how civil wars just get worse before they get really evil. There are no good guys and the reader is left to make their own judgement. I do not give any of my characters name to show that this could happen...

Food Fight

A kid named Andrews has no emotion except for pain and sadness. Then met someone who he never thought he would ever meet in his entire life and more appears out of no where! They soon went on a weird barely normal quest.

Stiff-Legged Bear

Luke's brother Cody went missing four years ago. The police could't find him. Neither could search and rescue. He got lost or killed hiking alone in the woods outside of town. Everyone believed he got lost or died in an accident, including Cody. Until Cody was out camping and saw what killed his brother. Apparently Rick had been right...

In Absolute Peril

In a semi-futuristic world, much like the one ours is becoming, a group of six best friends from all around the world must meet together in America and figure out why each of them are mysteriously gaining magical powers. Together the six of them go on a journey of a lifetime to discover the dark secrets of the past and the horrors...

Author's Note

Lucy Calderwood writes books. She loves reading, she loves writing, she loves fiction more than reality. Getting lost in books is what she does best. Though when she's asked to write a novel for her college course, such a thing happens literally. At night, when she goes to sleep, she wakes in the world of her own creation - in the book...


Parker Hay is the head of an agency named Bullets. They have devoted their lives protecting the public from the terrorist organization The Black Cloaks. For some of them that's exactly what it would cost. Cover by: @Buhains on Twitter

Al borde del Ecuador

En el 2082, el planeta Tierra dejó de girar, cosa que hizo que un hemisferio quedara totalmente congelado y otro desértico, solo se podía vivir en la franja del Ecuador lo que conllevó a guerras frecuentes por la comida y el terreno. Después de 14 años, ¿los personajes conseguirán ser felices?... Descubre la increíble historia de...

Almost Extinct

You have no Family left, Your friends are either dead or forgotten, and you're basically worse off than dead. What do you do? Hold tight to whatever is there and hope it will all be over soon. It's called being Competence. It means One With Power. That's what I am, my name is Valinora Summers and I'm considered 'endangered' because...