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Advice needed

Hey! I am currently writing my story which has seven main characters and I am wondering whether people would like it in each characters POV per chapter. I plan for this to be a long story so it wouldn’t be for the whole book but more just for the beginning ish. Please leave any comments or ideas you have below. Thanks!

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A most interesting and effective 'take' I've enjoyed in this concept of different POVs, is employed SO successfully by Jodi Picoult. Each chapter has the name of that particular character and presents individual thoughts/reactions/actions/motives, etc. Much inspiration to be found there.

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POV shifts are great! I'm wondering why you would only do it for the beginning of the book, though?
I mean, it might be tough to keep up all seven for the entire story. If it were my story, though, I wouldn't want to get readers invested in a character's POV and then discontinue it... unless the character dies or otherwise leaves the story, of course.
Anyway, I've wrestled with this question a ton! I shied away from multiple POVs in my earlier works and kinda regretted it later, so one way or another, I'd encourage you to take that leap!

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I think it's an awesome idea, just one to be a bit careful with! Definitely do it! Don't be scared to take risks, the awesome thing about writing is when you're done you can chop and change ANYTHING YOU WANT!! You are the writer, you are in control! Good luck!

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