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Welcome to all the new members

Quite a few of you have joined over the past week, it's great to have you here!

Take a look around, read the pinned post, and add any books you may be working on to the community!

It would be awesome if you introduced yourself below as well! Let us know what you're writing at the moment (and share a link to your work) and why you love writing; or if you're a reader, what's the name of the last book you read?

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I'll start!

My name's Laura and I work for Tablo as a community manager. As well I look after support, the curation of content, social media, book editing and more!

At the moment I'm not writing anything as Tablo is keeping me pretty busy. I have a few book ideas that I would love to start working on though. Mostly memoirist-fiction.

I've mostly only written short pieces of flash fiction (I have commitment issues haha) to date, however I LOVE reading. Anything and everything really. A book I've been reading lately is actually by a Tablo author. The Ways We Fall Behind by Toni Lee Ramientos:

It's a paranormal LGBT fiction book. A little bit thriller, a little mystery, a little scifi! Oh, and there's vampires. Need I say more?

I also loveeee animals, I'm adopting a cat on Sunday and v v excited!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone on here :)

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Nice to meet you Laura
My name is Berta , I've been writing ever since I was a kid,but stopped to concentrate in school.

I recently starting writing again more than ever, I LOVE writing stories creating characters and scenes. This is my first time writing and sharing my work with others(other than my sisters)

I also LOVE reading. Right now I'm working on going to nursing school .

I get inspired very quickly, I can look at a scene on the tram on my way to work and just write and create my own little story.

I'm actually working on a book , here on Tablo, called Burning Love❤️, Romantic fiction ,(based on an individual I saw in the tram on my way to an appointment for my disable little sister)

I love Tablo, but there's not much people that follows,or give feedbacks on book, maybe I'm not publishing it well as I'm a new user ? I don't know 🤔

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Thanks for sharing! I usually read on trams, maybe I should start writing on them as well! You paint a compelling picture 💕

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Ohh and my book link if you all wanna check it out.

Burning Love ❤️

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Thanks for your feedback ,and sincere thoughts. So true chapter 3 is a bit rocky I'm planning on changing it a bit.
Ps:I appreciate 😊

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I am Harpy
I have been dreaming about writing tons of super enjoyable book, and I believe that
I can fulfil my dream here, right in Tablo! I wrote all my ideas(that I think is unique) on
my notebook, and I actually record down 50 ideas. I later discarded a few as they are
too cliché? At first, I thought only adults(I am a teenager) can a writer but apparently
it's not!😂😀🤗🙄🤔😜🤑😮

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Lovely to meet everyone on here!!

I'm just getting used to the idea of re-internetting after a year of hiatus; wow everything changed quick!

I joined Tablo this time last year with my first NaNoWriMo and absolutely love the platform and how it has evolved - communities!! So fantastic =}

For NaNoWriMo I started on the first draft of book 3 in a series Fallen Star. It follows the characters' journeys of survival and discovery in a world being destroyed by an immortal force.

Whilst set in an entirely fictitious world, I do try and include current affairs and real life issues into the storyline.

Link to current WIP: ‪

I also love reading just as much as writing! I recently read Clariel and Goldenhand by Garth Nix just before November after a 10 year wait on more Old Kingdom stories!

Now that I am finished manic writing, will be catching up on more reading 😊


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👋 nice to meet you!! So glad you're enjoying Tablo and you're such a motivated writer! I'm in awe hehe.

Were you entirely off the internet for a year?!? Intentionally? How did that go?! I'm intrigued

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Hi Everyone, nice to meet you all.
My name is Jim, and I love reading and writing and getting lost in all sorts of interesting worlds, the more fictional the better. I've written a bit of YA, some speculative fiction some crime fiction also but I'm always thinking of new story ideas and genres to experiment with. I like reading and writing about characters who are never all that they appear and always surprise on the upside. Currently I'm reading a book called The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Hapgood and it's a nice fun, curious YA novel. I'm also interested in nested storytelling and fragmented narratives so if you've read any that you've loved, let me know. Look forward to getting to know you.

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