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NaNo is nearly over! What happens next (+ extension)

There’s only a few more days left of NaNoWriMo – if you’re participating, we wish you all the best for this final stage. If you haven't finished your draft don’t despair! What you’ve done is already a great achievement. Now that you’ve got a solid base, you can edit and refine your novel to your heart's content.

For those entering Tablo’s NaNoWriMo challenge we’ve decided to give you a little extension to help ease the stress of deadlines.

New Deadline of December 5th
The last day you can submit your novel to Tablo’s NaNoWriMo challenge is now December 5th. We've extended this so that authors who are writing in private (or on Tablo!) have a few days to upload their final submissions.

Word Length
Keep in mind that Tablo is not affiliated with NaNoWriMo so our word length expectations are a little more relaxed. Whilst we do need a substantial amount to read, it doesn’t have to be 50,000 words – even the first 10,000 words will be enough for us to review. Of course if you have finished then we’ll count ourselves lucky to read the whole draft.

What’s next?
After 5 December we will start to review Tablo’s analytics to see which novels readers engaged with the most. We’ll also be reading them ourselves (data only helps to a point) and will then send the top 3-5 novels to Hardie Grant Egmont and Pantera Press to review and consider.

This means that the next two weeks are the perfect time to invite people to read your draft novel (or the start) on Tablo! You can also take this time to read the new and trending entries inside our NaNo community.

Selecting the final authors will take at least a few months. There’s a lot of reading to do! If you’re one of the finalists we’ll be in touch and ask you for a longer synopsis and bio.

To everyone who has participated, thank you! We can't wait to read what you wrote. And for everyone still pushing to meet their word target, we're always adding helpful advice to our Author Advice & Interviews community.

Til next time,


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Thank you for creating this contest and for giving us a little more time to finish! *big exhale*

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I feel the same but I'm writing two I'll to start concentrating on one and get to 10,000 I'm nearly there with changes. Yippee should definitely have 10,000 words by the 5th. Best of luck.

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yeah got my book changes to over 10,000 words today. I thought I had until midnight tonight to do that. But it's done yippee

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