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Fallen Star

A long forgotten darkness has woken once more; only the blood of the Engels can stand against its wrath.


Emily starts over after her Father finds out the truth. Moving across the country is hard when you are becoming a woman as a Junior in High School. When you are starting to get your life going its hard to start over. But meeting new people and getting her life put back together, Emily can finally see the future again. Read more to follow Emily and her journey through her life into Adulthood, pursuing her dreams creating the life she wants for herself and finding love.

Smile for the Coup D'état

Broke, drunk, and caught up in the mayhem of a military coup d'état in Thailand, Peter and his dangerously charismatic friend, Joseph, double down on their pursuit of destructive obsessions. But the crimes that they have committed together are becoming increasingly hard to hide under the tumultuous new political order. Pressured by guilt, envy, and chronic intoxication, the pair arrive at their own idiosyncratic paths of atonement. Peter becomes increasingly in thrall to a local bar girl whose feelings towards him are stubbornly opaque, while Joseph - a disillusioned ex-journalist with a warped perspective on twenty-first-century...

strange tides

When Esme finds a sea serpent hatchling washed up on the beach and decides to look after it, her life becomes a lot more complicated. The serpentine cousins of dragons are known for attacking coastal cities like her home, and have been blamed for the death of her mother years before. But her new pet fills a hole burned in her heart by years of sleeping around like nobody else has, and she will do anything to keep him safe.


Serena and Eli have known each other for as long as they could remember, with their parents being the best of friends and all but that doesn’t mean that they have to get along as well. Serena always thought that being a basketball prodigy destined for the pros has made Eli obnoxious and she finds his inflated ego out of this world. However, failing grades hinders Eli’s road into the pros and Serena tutors him out of the kindness and goodwill of her heart. Just kidding, her parents asked her nicely to do it and being the good daughter that she is, she agrees to tutor Eli. Even though she’d rather use the free time baking than spend it...

Baring Souls

Teddy McGovern is a brilliant young architect, with a bright future ahead of her. She's also in love with her childhood friend, Ari Jaeger, and he with her. But there's something standing in their way; her past. After finally confessing their love for one another, Ari and Teddy try to build their life together. But when the demons of her past begin to surface, by rearing it's ugly head, it tries to tear the young couple apart. Unravelling their life and the lives of everyone around them. Will Teddy bare her soul, making her vulnerable for everyone she loves to see? And will the newly founded relationship with Ari weather the storm...


The town of Vendelle is dirty and filled to the brim with thieves, abusers, and queer teenagers with magical abilities. One of these teenagers, Theo, has listened to the whispers of the dead and pieced together the story of a curse that has afflicted the town for centuries, and a girl that will be able to break it. When the time comes, Theo takes it into his own hands to make sure the curse is broken, once and for all.


Grace Waters a 17 year old girl is forced to live with a mysterious family, but little does she know it's no normal family it's a house full of vampires, are they evil? That's not the only problem, things start getting dramatic when she falls in love with one of them, Aaron Cole Anderson, what will Grace face? A love with a vampire is certainly peculiar and extremely dangerous is she safe? Will her love story be alive forever? Read to find out

Something to Live For

The soul-matching service is coming up on its 100th anniversary, and people couldn't be happier. Science has benefited the human race by making things simple and matching everyone up with the one person they're meant to be with. Katia is a skeptic, for sure, but like everyone she'll give it a chance. What's the worst that can happen? She ends up alone? That wouldn't be the worst thing ever. Or would it? What happens to the aloners? Those who have no one live an existence below everyone else, hiding in their grief and loneliness. Or are they? Katia, like many others, don’t what those who have nothing to live for actually live for. Some...

inside there be monsters.

In 1979 five young girls conjure up an ancient protection entity, laying waste to their entire community. Sixteen years later, twenty-five-year-old, aspiring artist, Sara McGraw, returns home to find her rockstar fiance, Horatio Crow, lying naked and dead in their bed with another woman and their three-year-old daughter, Layla, missing. The only witness, her five-year-old son Coby, is suddenly struck mute and claiming his sister is trapped inside of a children's storybook. Now Sara and Coby are thrust full force, along with Sara's estranged sister Olivia, into facing their nightmarish past and defeating the demon that has returned to...