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It Was Never Our Choice

COMPLETE. Gay Adult - They met in prison and somehow the love they shared would never allow them to let each other go. A story of two men's struggle over time, who never truelly came to accept the one they loved was of the same sex.

strange tides

When Esme finds a sea serpent hatchling washed up on the beach and decides to look after it, her life becomes a lot more complicated. The serpentine cousins of dragons are known for attacking coastal cities like her home, and have been blamed for the death of her mother years before. But her new pet fills a hole burned in her heart by years of sleeping around like nobody else has, and she will do anything to keep him safe.

In Case Of Emergency

Taken in by the same group of survivors who ran him over, Eden forms an unlikely bond with Bronte, a man with only one bullet left in his gun.

Demi Gods

I'm a Demi god well not necessarily I'm a god but people think I'm a Demi god, anyway I'm daughter of Poseidon and Medusa I have many many powers and I guess that's all I can say without ruining this story!

The Devils Daughter

My story is about a girl, the devils daughter herself, who goes through ups and downs by being sent to a school and meeting a boy, loosing her friends, and meeting new friends.

Loves Lies

My story is about Cheyenne agreeing to a bet that leads to consequences of all sorts, especially love


Whispers. Yup that's the name of my story. Weird name right? Well that's the title but why? The title is whisper because this girl, Nashi (Follow her on Tablo her user is Nashi B and one of her stories is the soul) can hear whispers coming from far away or from really close, but is that a good power or will it simply make her depressed by hearing the truth.


Three years ago, Maya's best friend disappeared under suspicious circumstances - and Maya was convinced it had to do with the kiss they'd shared the day before. Now, though, more Hazeltown residents are disappearing, and an organization called Maywitch sweeps in to tackle the case. Maya has to decide which secrets to keep and where her loyalties lie as a familiar face reappears to rock her world again.


Sweat dripping from my forehead, knees buckling and fingers shaking. The hair on the back of my neck stood up completely. I felt a lack of air, I took a deep breath. I hear a few screams here and there, he is walking closer. Something is in his hand, a gun. It's aiming towards me. I walk back and hit a wall. I slide down the wall till I'm sitting on the ground.

The Winter Experience

In this heartfelt romance, Mattie Hawkins, fifteen-years-old, leaves his old homophobic classmates behind when he moves to the town of Saskatoon. Mattie is late for his first day at his intimidatingly large new school, but he isn’t the only one. When Mattie and seventeen-year-old Morgan Winters both reach for the door, their hands touch and electricity erupts through their bodies, and both boys know they have found the one. Mattie is coy, quiet, and easily flustered when he sets his eyes on the cool and collected Morgan. From his constant bedhead hair and carefree laugh to the way he always had a camera attached to his shoulders, Mattie...

Maywitch [Complete]

When suspicious incidents begin rattling North America, it doesn't take long for the authorities to realize that something supernatural is happening. To solve the problem, though, they'll have to ask for help from Maywitch - the organization of mages tasked with keeping their peers in check. Kay Adamis, a young witch struggling through college, isn't too mad when Maywitch drafts her. She's a decent firecaster who's better at magic than studying, and since her parents aren't around, she needs some help paying her bills. But nobody warned her that the casualties were quietly mounting after months of magical unrest and resulting cover-ups.