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The Dragonet Queen

Are any of you familiar with the series Wings Of Fire? Well, if you are, you're in luck! Me and my friend Sophia Tilley are collaborating to brings you two WOF spinoffs/fanfics!
We used our own characters and a carefully crafted storyline to make the read as similar to the series as possible. However, it is one of my first stabs at third person. If anyone is interested, feel free to give it a read and some feedback.
(P.S, not really recommended for anyone who hasn't read at least up to book 2 in the series.)
Thanks, and keep on writing!
Aria Sienna XX

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Yea I’ve read all of your books because they always offer me such positive vibes that I can not reject it to read. Even this story The Dragonet Queen is quite fabulous and I feel blessed to read it here you can get [url=]5 signs you should invest[/url] services. So thank you very much Aria Sienna for writing and sharing this beautiful story along with all previous ones.

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