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Stuff you need to know:
     Y/N= Your Name

H/C= Hair Color

S/C=Skin Color

E/C= Eye Color

F/C=Favorite Color

F/F= Favorite Food

L/N= Last Name

B/F/N= Best Friend Name


P.O.V= Point of View



This book takes place in the year 2038, so when technology is really big and most people have androids.



And I think that's all for now! If there is anymore I need to add I will! I hope this isn't too trashy :/


[Note: Some of the chapters will be some depression, so if you are not comfortable with that, this book is not for you I'm sorry :/ ]





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    -Chapter 1-  

-Y/N P.O.V-


I walked home with my boyfriend, Joshua. Hand on Hand. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Ever since my parents divorced, he has always been there for me. To hug me, kiss me, and comfort me.


He's my everything.



I carefully took out my keys from his warm hand and unlocked the apartment we shared together. He walked in behind me and I followed locking the door.


"Hey Joshua? What are we gonna eat for-"


My heart stopped. There I saw Blue. With a gun. Blue was me and Joshua's android that we bought a year ago. He was always nice to us and we were always nice to him. But now, he seemed mad. I thought androids couldn't feel emotions? Was he a devaint?


"B-Blue...put the gun down. Please." Joshua calmly said while slowly putting his hands in the air.


"NO! YOU DON'T DESERVE HER! I DO!" He yelled while training his gun on him. 


I couldn't believe it. My own android has fallen in love with me. I was speechless. I couldn't talk.


Right when I was going to calm Blue down too. He pulled the trigger.


He shot my boyfriend.


My everything.


"JOSHUA! NO!" I yelled while rushing to his side. He was coughing up blood and he carefully held my cheek.




"Don't w-worry! I-I'll get help!" I said frantically trying to cover up his wound with my jacket.


"D-Don't....remember babe, I-I will always love y-you.."


"Don't say that! P-Please Joshua! You c-can't leave m-me! I'm n-nothing without you!" 


"You are everything Y/N. Your my everything."


Was his last words before he closed his eyes.



[Hello! It's me Author-Chan! So I know I know, the first chapter is very sad. But don't worry! It will get good! Soon. Also, can you give me some writing tips? I want to make my writing good so other people could enjoy it! Anyways next chapter will be out very soon! Baiiiiii!]


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