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Published in 2018 by Tablo Publishing.

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  A boy with pale skin in the back seat of a car. It was probably the worst place for him right now, the only thing he wanted to avoid. His mouth cut on the right side of his face. He was twitching and ticking, which earned him many terrible names in public school. The most catchy was, Ticci Toby. He was taken out of public school and started home schooling. He was staring out the window, the memories of what happened replaying in his mind. His mother checked on him every few seconds from the rear view mirror. She had a brown and blonde color to her hair which was in a bob. Yet, she was taking a long way to there home. Only so he wouldn't be pained with the sight of the crash. The car crash that killed the one person he would ever love and trust, Lyra, his sister. He could feel emotion no pain. He could be ripped limb by limb and wouldn't fell a thing. It was called congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, or CIPA. He was finally home. His mother helped him out the car. He looked at the man in the drive way. "Why is he here?" Toby asked in anger. "Because he cared about Lyra." She responded. "If he cared he would've been there to see her die." He angrily she sighed "He was to drunk." She said lightly. "Aw Connie no welcome home?" The man said to his wife, she ignored him. "The boy's 16 he can walk himself." He replied to himself. "He's 17." She responded and they went into the house. They got to the stairs and his mother asked if he needed help. "I'm 16 I can walk myself." He mocked his father. He went into his room and hugged his pillow crying into it. Little did he know that he was going slowly into insanity the thing that killed his sister killed his sanity.

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