The Girl With A Vision


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Published in 2018 by Tablo Publishing.

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That Day

"GRAY!" I sat up looking at the other side of my room. My brother got up. "What is it sis?" He asked sleepily. The clock said it was 1:30 am. I sighed. "Another nightmare bro." I said and he sighed. "We need to sleep we're leaving for our dad in the morning." He said and I sighed. "He's not our dad." I grumbled. "Can we sleep in the same bed?" I asked and he nodded. "We're 13 we haven't done this since we were like 9." He said and we giggled. "Oh shush Gray." I told him. "Trinity, it's fine believe me we have this in the bag." He said, I knew what he meant. We were going to fly to see our adoptive dad and than he will drive us anywhere we want and 15 miles away is our real dad. So we will spend our whole summer with our real dad. No matter the cost. I hugged him. Your the best twin brother a girl could ask for. I said and he smiled. "You're the best twin sister a guy could ask for." He said and I smiled. "We are the closest best friends in the whole-" "-world." I finished his sentence. "See." As said as we burst into laughter and our door opened. It was our 2 little brothers. "Big sissy what's going on?" I heard Jay. "Oh nothing." I said as he climbed to the side Gray wasn't at and Max climbed between Gray and I. "I thought I was sharing my bed with one person tonight. Oh well." I giggled quietly. Gray looked at me and giggled quietly too.

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The New Day, New Life.

 "Okay do you guys have everything?" Our adoptive mom asked as we nodded. "Yeah Mommy!" Jay said as I carried him with one hand and he had his spider man backpack. I was wearing my My Chemical Romance and black shorts with my Jansport tie-dyed green and blue backpack. Gray was wearing a matching set but his shorts were tan and to his knees and he wore a striped blue and green backpack and we wore our matching Dipper Pines hat. Jay was wearing a superman shirt with jeans and converse like everyone else. Max was wearing a number 10 shirt and shorts like gray and a backpack that was a Jansport pink backpack. Our mom smiled and hugged us. "Have a good time." She said as we got on the plain. We all sat at a four seat row. Jay had the window seat and I was next to him then Gray was next to me and Max had a row seat because he was afraid of heights. Well being around my boys was all I needed. After 5 minutes They all fell asleep and so did I. Soon after I was woken up all of us were and we were there. I looked at a happy Jay and a relived Max. Gray smiled at me as I weakly smiled back. We got off and our dad was wait and our step sister as Jay made me carry him and Max made Gray carry him. Our dad hugged us. "Hey kids." He said as we were released. "This is your step mother Leslie and your step sister Kaylee." He said as we started at them. They were fat. All three of them and all four of us were skinny and healthy. "Well, lets go get you guys something to eat." He said as we were rushed out. All four us sat at the back of the Van and Kaylee sat in front of us. "Hey how old are you?" She asked. "Well, Trinity and I are 13. Jay is 6 and Max is 8." Gray answered for us. "Wow, cool! I'm 8 too!" She said looking at a terrified Max. I smiled nervously and Gray did too. When we got to the place they were staying and it was a part of another one side had girls that lived with him and then there was their part. We got to our room and there were 2 beds. Kaylee's and all four of ours. We sat our stuff down. We ate snacks and then we asked if he could take us to our real dad's, but didn't him that. We told him it was a friend and he nodded yes. He dropped us off. "The moment we've been waiting for." Gray said. "Trinity we so got this, all four of us." He said to me and I smiled as He carried Max on his back and Jay was on mine. "Jay wanna knock on the door?" I asked and his eyes lit up and he nodded. He knocked on the door. The door opened as soon as Jay got back on my back. "Jayson, Max, Grayson." The man looked at me. "Onixia." He said. Onixia?

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